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Looks like you've already made good choices with the girl and the dog, which should make the having fun part easy! Looking forward to reading about the rest of the journey...:)

Jamie Wolf

I'm really liking the setpoint of your conversation with us. I think you are striking a difficult balance - technical exploration of what makes a building perform effectively that both explains the principles, the practices, and the thinking that is leading you forward - all the while being your nerd self but without leaving us scratching our heads. We're actually lucky you got stuck with the dilemmas you are seeking to resolve.

Thanks for sharing this in this way. Like the dog, we're all ears!

Don Matheson

Thanks for taking us along. I'm predicting oversizing of house photovoltaics sufficient to power the electric car for those 10,000 miles.... unless I'm outdated and there is already a better way.... Let's see: @ .2KW/mile...


Let's make that 0.2 kWh/mile, rather than kW - energy rather than power. Geeks and their units!

Richard Pendleton

Thanks for the blog Marc, it's educational and inspirational! Inspiration is useful as we continue to push the "envelope" (pun intended) on our carbon footprint here, especially from a fellow cohouser.

Wish you were writing this when we were designing Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm cohousing - would have made some of the "education" sessions (team meetings) easier to understand!

Ted Lemon

Thanks, Marc, it drives me crazy when I have to try to figure out why someone said kW and what they meant in a context where it *really* looks like it ought to mean energy. They do that on the Nissan Leaf site. (No offense, Don! I'm talking about in specs for equipment, not in comments to blog posts!)

My main motivation for trying to "live green" is that I think it's a more pleasant way to live. Or maybe that it's part of a more pleasant way of living. Andrea and I started down the Passive House path (which led to meeting you!) because we wanted a comfortable house--frequent air exchanges without wasting energy, steady temperatures instead of the rapid thermal cycle and dry air of a typical underinsulated home.

I think it's a lot of fun to geek out on the technical details (as you may have noticed), but ultimately I really think it's about being happy. When you're happy doing something like this, it excites peoples' imaginations. I rode my bike to the pharmacy this morning after considering taking the Prius because it seemed stupid to start the car for such a short trip, but in the end it was just a more pleasant experience, and I got a smile from someone at the pharmacy who saw me folding my bike.

Marc Rosenbaum

Ted - my favorite is the specs for a solar concentrator that has an output of 13 kW/hour!

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Duke Nukem Forevera

Glad you're doing this blog thing.Like the dog, we're all ears..Thanks for this post!!


You too look good together i really miss my Dog she is a labrador.

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Wonderful picture..The doggy is too cute..And i am very excited to know more about the journey..And thanks for the post..

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