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What resources are available if you register for the thousand home challenge? Do they give advice on technical aspects for a deep energy retrofit? Do they help guide you through monetary resources (like National Grid's program)?

Marc Rosenbaum

There are lots of resources on their site and links as well. I don't think they give consulting services or walk you through any subsidy programs, though.

Wayne Mackey

Greetings Mark,

My wife and I installed a 5.4Kwh PV array on the roof of our home in December 2009. The 24 panels are linked togather using three separate lines. When so falls on one of the 7 other panels, it drastically reduces the overall performance of our entire pv array. Please allow me to suggest to you to install the newer type of solar panels that have microinverters on the hack of each panel instead of just one hugh inverter like the one we have in our basement. There is also another advantage to the microinverter type of panel as well. With the microinverters on each panel you are able to monitor the output of each individual panel and can determine if there is ever a problem with each one separately. In my case, my installer would actually have to climb up on the roof and physically check each of the 8 panels on each of the 3 strings of panels to try to diagnose a potential problem.

Wayne Mackey

Marc Rosenbaum

Hello Wayne
Thanks for your input. South Mountain has recently installed a system with microinverters for a customer that has some significant shading on their array. For myself, I weighed the pros and cons and went with the single inverter. Mostly because I thought the chance of a failure with 20 inverters was higher than with one, and the SMA inverter I have here is a very proven item.

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