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Erik Haugsjaa

Hi Marc, did you consider microinverters (to prevent the huge drops due to partial shading) and if so, I'd be interested in your thinking on why you choose the central inverter.

Erik Haugsjaa, Stow MA

Marc Rosenbaum

Hi Eric
I considered microinverters. South Mountain installed one job with them. More work, so more money. But the principal reason is that an inverter failure is 20 times more likely with 20 inverters, and you have to go to the roof and remove panels to replace. It sure is easy to replace an inverter in the basement! Mean Time Between Failure needs to be really high to make me choose microinverters at this time.

Ben Southworth


Did you end up using a small SDHW system AND a heat pump DHW tank? Somewhere you mention... probably THC post that you would do SDHW. Are you doing both?! Or did you change your mind?! Anxiously awaiting post on HP hot water heater install and data. Ben

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