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Jacksonville Electrical

Idealistic sources i found here. Definitely one of the best sources i ever read. Great knowledge and understanding.


Nice call on the IDP fasters- it ends up with a tighter fit than if using foam board construction adhesive. There still could be issues of rising damp rotting the foundation sill, band joist, or even the gottom of the stud when using foil-faced iso on the foundation interior in homes built without a solid capillary break between the concrete & sill though. It's difficult to tell if there is/isn't a sill gasket in place in that second picture.

Marc Rosenbaum

There is a foam sill sealer gasket between the mudsill and the concrete here.

Johns Creek Basement Contractors

Thanks for sharing your article, it just consists of great information while specially getting focused on the insulation part.

About WFG

It has a lot of content..Well the Hilti hammer drill has two modes,but the cool one is that the chuck oscillates in and out as well as around which flings the hardened drill bit against a hard, brittle substance like concrete and makes drilling a piece of cake..Thanks for sharing..


Neat ... we recently "redid" our basement but really only painting & floor coverings. I'm kicking myself for not taking down the existing sheetrock and doing a better insulation job, especially since we added a heat zone down there, and there is just white styrofoam behind the walls, and no air sealing.

Can't believe I didn't think to do that, normally I'm very energy-aware. :) Maybe on the next remodel...


Some great pictures. I like that fact that you have provided the same pictures you did last time as this allows us to see the improvements that you have made. I hope that your insulation works well for you and keeps you warmer in the winter.

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