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Kim Quirk

Hi Marc,
Just found your blogs -- really good information! I am designing a system for a client to convert his SMA grid-tie sunny boys into a grid-tie, battery back up system -- he is considering removal of the Sunny Boys and re-wiring to a Xantrex based system; and he is considering the Sunny Island.

The cost difference leans heavily toward the Xantrex system, but the efficiencies and easier installation lean pretty heavily toward the Sunny Island system.

Thanks for your detailed blogs on insulation as well. Great basement project.

Kim Quirk, Energy Emporium (with ZEB goal, in Enfield, NH)

Marc Rosenbaum

Kim, one question I have on this is, instead of swapping from the SMA (likely the best product on the market) to the Xantrex (I had bad experience with the predecessor company, Trace), could you add the new Xantrex high voltage charge controller, that will accept up to 600 VDC input, with a manual switch that routes the array output to the Xantrex and a battery bank when the grid goes down, and then use a less costly off-grid inverter to the emergency panel?

Clint Rowley

Really great blog post. Kim- I like Marc's thinking in seeing if you could just add the Xantrex charge controller, and use a manual switch that routes output for emergency times. It may be the best of both worlds.

trane furnace

HI Mark...!!!!

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