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I'm curious, with some rooms getting so cold, do you have any trouble with humidity or condensation?

Marc Rosenbaum

We have condensation in the mornings behind the insulating shades upstairs. None on main floor but worst moisture source case is two people sleeping in a bedroom.


We put a single 1-ton Fujitsu 25 SEER head in our house this summer. We did a heat gain/loss analysis and came up with about 11k BTU for a cooling load (1931 home, climate zone 6, not too bad, if I measured everything right). We put it on the 2nd floor, at the top of the stairs.

I knew it wasn't going to be optimal for distribution, but last week when we hit 103F or so, a blistering several days, it hung in there ok. Downstairs was between 79 and 81, depending on whether I tried to blow air down with fans, and upstairs stayed below 80 - quite tolerable for sleeping, esp. with the humidity kept in check.

I was surprised, though, at how much upstairs stayed cooler. I expected the cool air to fall a bit more... If we really want comfort we could put in a 9K 27 SEER head on the first floor, I think.

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