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Adam Hirsch

that's not a crank-forward bike!

Marc Rosenbaum

Astute observation, Adam!
I'm back on regular upright bikes since I figured out a couple of years back that a good bit of my discomfort came from a frame that is too long for me. If you look closely at the bike you'll see a very short stem and that the seat is forward, that's my attempt to shorten my reach on the bike shown, that was made for me in 1972! Ultimately the solution is a new frame but I'm so attached to that bike that this is a hand-wringer. I actually gave a deposit to a framebuilder a year ago and haven't followed through...

Ted Inoue

It's been a long time since I biked on the Vineyard even though I grew up just across the sound in Woods Hole. Thanks for posting these beautiful pics and reminding me what an amazing place it is.

Marc Rosenbaum

You're welcome!

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