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Ed Davies

What's “R/F”? Refrigerator and freezer?

Marc Rosenbaum

Yes, R is the 18 ft3 refrigerator with top mount freezer, and F is the 15 ft3 chest freezer in the basement.

John Rockwell

Is the DHW increase related not to actual usage but to the lower basement temperature and therefore greater delta T?

Marc Rosenbaum

The increase in DHW energy is caused by lower basement temperatures and colder incoming water - see the previous post entitled Seasonal Changes in Loads.

Ted Inoue

Marc, great to find the blog of a fellow energy-geek (and biker). I'm jealous of your net-zero ability. I'd put up panels in a blink but I'm surrounded by people who still don't appreciate the beauty of a roof full of panels. :-)
Your total consumption is amazingly low. I've been trying for years to get my base consumption down but never was able to come close to that because of some of the luxuries that I've been unable to ween the family off of.

Marc Rosenbaum

We have a saying here that I borrow from Andy Shapiro - there is no such thing as a net zero house, only net zero families!

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