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John Romkey

Now that's an image!

David Fay

Buy an electric car? Donate the excess to a non-profit and take a charitable deduction? Donate it to your town government?

Andrea Lemon

Do you have room in the yard for a couple of these?


Marc Rosenbaum

Whoa! And some people are worried about EMFs - pshaw

Don Matheson

With the same problem I bought a Chevy Volt, have logged 5400 miles on 18 gallons of gas, including the 8 gallons used driving to BE12.


It takes quite a lot of arc welding to come up with that amount of raw KWH use, despite some pretty intense peak loads. A rack of network servers or something running 24/365 could eat through the surplus pretty quickly though. :-)


I like David suggestion of buying an electric car, that seems to be a practical idea if affordable.

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