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Bob Lemaire


The link to Gary Klein's report is bad. It was apparently appended to the blog URL.

Your post is timely. I'm just now replacing a satellite hot water booster tank in the kitchen with a recirculation system. Research I did turned up user dissatisfaction with the Taco system because the sensor maintained 90 degrees and most still waited for the warmer flow. I'm going with a B&G Ecocirc that has an adjustable thermostat and ECM motor for about the same money. The recirc loop will only service the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink and dishwasher, that's 95% of the wait and waste problem. The showers are only used twice a day, are in proximity to the tank, and waste little with uninsulated 1/2" home-run pex.

Marc Rosenbaum

here's the PDF URL, paste it into a browser:

Mark Franklin

Another solution to activating the pump is to use a flow monitor to turn on the pump when any hot water faucet is turned on. Here is a link to a product that controls hot water recirc lines based on flow:


Water heater prices

Hi Marc,

im wondering how much cost this sistem? And did you do all work yourself or you get profesional that they do for you?
Btw great system and great job.

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