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If I did it right that's about an average 33W draw?

I did a post remarkably similar to this, also with the energy star tag for the CEE Tier 3 fridge I found:


The one I picked is rated for 324kWh/year, but in practice I'm averaging only about 18W average draw, or around 160kWh/year. I don't have the fancy per-circuit monitoring though, just a kill-a-watt over a month or so.

It's a basement overflow/beer fridge though, so opened really quite rarely, which would explain the much better performance.

Anyway, I imagine your fridge is also CEE Tier 3? It's currently the #4-ranked "large fridge" on toptenusa.org. I wish these units were better labeled in the store; it seems that especially with fridges, there are a lot of units that go WELL beyond the basic Energy Star requirements.

Marc Rosenbaum

Yes, average of 33W. Your beer fridge being in the basement may be the reason for low energy usage. Wat was the temperature down there during the Kill-a-watt monitoring?


Probably around 65F... That article was done around March, I've recently measured it again ... Hm, March again. Wish I had some permanent monitoring like you've got, that's pretty slick.


Thats great to see how you track your energyusage on your frig.
this is a perfect example how having a handle on everthing using energy can really save!

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