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Peter Brogan

Can you explain your operating procedures for setting temps. With my Fujitsu remote I can only set some on/off times. Can you control the system with a programmable thermostat?

Thanks for your informative blog.

Marc Rosenbaum

Hi Peter
Fujitsu offers the handheld remote as standard equipment and a wired wall mounted control as an upgrade. I think the wired control has more capability, but I don't have one installed. To be honest, I haven't looked into the programmability of mine, as our occupancy varies enough to not warrant it.

Peter Brogan

Thanks Marc,
Do you just set your temp and leave it? It feels weird to have the mini just run all the time.


Our operating strategy is simple - when one of us is there, the temp setting is 70F. When we are away or go to bed, we set it back to 66F. I learned early on that when the Fujitsu is set back more than 4F, setting it back up means it runs at full bore, which is the least efficient operating point. So it seemed to use similar amounts of energy whether we set back to 62F or 66F.

Peter Brogan

Just what I was looking for. Thanks again.

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