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John Semmelhack

I'd love to hear about the fix on the Fujitsu heat pump when you have the time!


I'd be interested in hearing more about the heat pump fix as well.

And what do you find for standby power on your unit? My 12RLS2 unit seems to draw around 40-50W this winter, although I haven't tracked it for very long. It's higher than I expected...


I'd also be curious to know what your home's lowest power readings are, i.e. the cumulative "always-on" loads. Right now mine's around 150W, higher than I'd like (that includes a server that's always on in the basement).

Marc Rosenbaum

I haven't drilled too far into minimum power draw. I've seen numbers like 42W on the Emonitor, and I know about 18W of that is the HRV, 6W is the induction range, and about 15W or so is the cable modem plus the eMonitor itself.

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