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Dodd Stacy

Hi, Marc,

I'm interested to hear about your "excessive minisplit output conundrum," when you have time and inclination. Apologies if you've spoken of it earlier, and I failed to note. I'm amazed by the progress in very cold weather performance of the air source heat pumps in recent years and want to stay informed of real world experience.


Jim Wood

Hi Marc,

We're finishing up an ICF home on Long Island NY (Northport to be more specific). We've installed a radiant system and have started running it as we finish construction using a 105 gallon hot water heater that will later server as a buffer tank. Where have you been sourcing the Altherma units I've seen you mention in a few posts? I think we have the perfect project as they would provide most of heating load needs (90+%) and enable us to use the cooling function for AC and de-humidification. Any help would be appreciated.




I hope to get to that soon, Dodd, and it's coincidence that I have a re-occurrence of the issue right now!


Jim, I'd find the nearest Daikin dealer to locate an Altherma

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