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Joe Carry

Hi Marc,
We recently built a double stud wall house and hung a Fujitsu AOU24LXFZ compressor on a single story wall. Unlike your experience, we are having significant vibration problems. The client does not seem that put off by it, but I would find it pretty disturbing. My question is twofold: 1) Could the smaller framing member (2x4 vs. 2x6, unit is hung on load bearing wall) be responsible? This seems unlikely but I had to ask, as that would be an easy fix in future applications. 2) Is it worth getting someone from Fujitsu out to assess the balance of the machine?
On an up note, the house is located in a pretty intense climate zone, yet we have had not problems so far with icing!!

Marc Rosenbaum

Joe, the short answer is I don't know. The first time I hung a compressor on a wall I was really worried, because it is a double height Hyperheat unit and it's on the gable end wall of a wood frame school building, and gable trusses are even more flexible than a 2x4 stud wall. Its vibration is imperceptible. I would ask Fujitsu to take a look.


Last Fall I convinced my folks to install ductless heat pumps at their home on Cape Cod. During the recent blizzard, they shut down. The service tech suggested installing pan heaters at $400 per unit. I am more inclined to have them raise the compressors to two feet off the ground and install a shelter of some sort. Have you dealt with the product listed in the link below:

http://ablecanvas.ca/residential/heat-pump-shelters/ ?

The combination of the recent weather and utility rate hikes really has them scared of heating with these in the near future. I thought it would save energy and money compared to their old propane boiler, but given their recent bills I'm not so sure. The local technicians are vary reluctant to install these for heating purposes. I'm wondering why the manufacturer doesn't suggest installing the compressors higher than 8 inches in more severe climates?


Most mfgrs want them above snow line. This year has a pretty high snow line! That cover might help but it will also trap drifted snow. Mine is under a roof and into a corner and it can get snow blown in behind in severe weather.
Whether pan heaters will avoid the shutdown depends on what caused the shutdown. It wouldn't help a buried unit.

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