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Ted Lemon

How are you logging pressure differences? I've been wondering a bit whether our ComfoAir is still tuned correctly, and would be interested in doing something similar. I've also started to be a bit more systematic about collecting weather data, and since our heat pump failed we've done some experiments with leaving the house unheated (we left the heat off over Christmas when we were down in Virginia, since we don't like to leave space heaters running unattended).

David Fay

I’m still stunned at how little electricity you use. Congratulations.

How are you measuring radon level?

Marc Rosenbaum

@Ted - I'm using my digital manometer (DG700) and Teclog3 on a PC which records minute by minute data. The basement is running slightly negative relative to outdoors - last 9 day measurement was -1.70 Pascals. I did as careful a balance of the ERV as I could, using a powered flow hood and measuring at the inside grilles, and I checked with the manometer at the time relative to the main level and it was almost 0.

@David - I guess it's mostly not having a lot of stuff like entertainment equipment plugged in? Two people conservative with hot water use - 14-15 gpd total. The 15 ft3 chest freezer adds some, and the well pump in the summer uses 10-15 times what we use when we're not drip irrigating. And I think the Fujitsu, set at 70F and left there, is doing very well - maybe COP of 3. Note we occasionally fire up the wood stove for atmosphere when it's cold enough, but we don't feed it to run overnight as we would if we were truly heating the house with it.
I'm using a Radstar 300 to measure radon.

Ted Lemon

So do you have two manometers that you calibrated together? (I'm really a total tyro when it comes to measuring pressure--sorry for the newbie questions!)

Marc Rosenbaum

The DG700 digital manometer has two channels, each with two inputs. I'm only using one channel here. One input is open to the basement, and the other input on that channel has tubing that runs outdoors. The manometer measures the pressure difference across the two inputs, in this case basement pressure with respect to outdoors.

Ted Lemon

OK, thanks! I suppose we could run the tubing out one of the attic holes. :)

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